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Experience the skills of India’s tradition

Experience the skills of India’s tradition

When it comes to India, the tradition is known for their diversifying language, culture, heritage, religion and festival. Indian people are fond of creating beautiful craft works. We differ in food habit, dress to language but are yet bonded together. The art and craft works of India is popular not only in our country but also loved and accepted all across the world. It’s worldwide popularity is one of the reasons to attract tourism.

            Now-a-days, the people are deprived of using the gems of India’s traditional crafts and arts as it is rarely available. Due to increasing popularity of machine made goods, the craftsman and artisan’s skills are getting lost in this modern era. Despite of this happenings, “Gloship Exim” is all set to preserve the gems and beauty of India’s traditional skills. Our time to appreciate our rich heritage and art and craft works of India has never ended.

            Through “Gloship Exim” you will experience the beauty of amazing craft work of our manufacturings. Each of our products is famous for its uniqueness. The wide variety of our products contains of:-

  1. Key-chains designed with clay in different desings
  2. Clay dolls with stunning  and beautiful looks
  3. Flower pot with images giving an amazing look
  4. wall piece, key-holder for decorating wall
  5. Traditional art paint, Hand painted bowl and Handi
  6. Hand painted cream set, panted water jug, steel  container etc
  7. wooden furniture, wooden stools, wooden candle stand, wooden hook etc
  8. Handmade hammocks in variety of designs and colors
  9. Antique designed necklace, peacock designed necklace
  10. colourful stone necklace which gives an amazing appearance
  11. Gift boxes, jewellery boxes and all other types of decorative boxes

.....and the list continues.

      These items require excellent craftsmanship and skills to make. “Gloship Exim” brought all their efforts to give you an experience of India’s traditional skills. Beautiful showpieces, jewellery items will always mesmerize your eyes.

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